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Triton I & II
Price is $870 + $30 std. Shipping Lower 48 States

Since the early 80's, the Triton I has been the most consistent, record setting propeller on the market. We originally designed the TRITON I propeller for high performance bass boats, but quickly realized it's record setting capabilities. For top speed, it has excellent handling characteristics and runs at extremely high efficiency levels. If you have a fast boat, this prop could very well make it even faster.

The Triton 1 is available in 14" and 14 1/2" dia., and NEW for 2012 - 15" dia. Special Order Only.
Pitch Ranges are even pitches 22 through 34. - Available in Right Hand Rotation only!

The Triton II through hub exhaust prop has been discontinued. It will be replaced by a new design we've been working on for several years now ..... We have finished the testing phase and are now in the process of building the molds. It will be available in a 4 blade, through-hub/ over-hub exhaust configuration. Standard Diameter of 14 3/4" and Even Pitch ranges of 22" through 34"..... Have not decided on a name yet?
When it's finally available to the public, we'll update the website with a new page and also promote it with an introductory special price!!!!!